About us

“ In 2000 AD I was touched by the love of Jesus and from being a Muslim I became a Christian. God gave me the love and desire to share the Gospel with my own people. Starting from 2002 I am serving Jesus in reaching the Kurds, together with my wife. In any possible way we try, together with our team, to share the Gospel with Kurds and to help them to live their life with Jesus. ” Founder and director Home for Kurds

In November 2006 the Home for Kurds Foundation found its beginnings to support this ministry. In Oktober 2007 we started using a house (Dilnawaiy) where we could welcome Kurds. In Dilnawaiy (comfort) Kurds can come home. It is a place where love, unity, peace and healing can be experienced through God and with each other.

People are welcome to come and visit the house at any time and is further being used for pastoral care, evangelism, practical help and training. The house is the centre of where out of we tell Kurds worldwide about Jesus and encourage and support believers.

What do we do?

  • Sharing Jesus
  • Encouraging believers
  • Spreading of literature
  • Translation and correction literature and Bible
  • Referring Kurds to local churches
  • Organising conferences
  • Giving Bible lessons
  • Developing Christian music
  • Organising church services
  • Online broadcasting of church services and equipment

Our vision is to share the love of Jesus.

We want to share the Gospel with Kurds and help them to live with Jesus, in order that they can pass on the Gospel to their own people and other peoples.

Kurdish Church Services (Kenisa Kurdi)

Every week we come together in 'de Bethelkerk' in Rotterdam to meet God and each other. The church services are in Kurdish and are open voor christians and people who have hearts that are open to seek God. You are welcome at 15:00 pm. Every other week we have a meal together after the service. You are more then welcome!


In all kind of ways and places we share the great message of salvation to Kurds. We see hearts being opened through personal contact and visits, by being an open house to people who are interested and by organising Christian Kurdish meetings. 


Becoming a Christian is not just a change of name; it means a complete new identity and a new way of living. 
In The Netherlands and in Kurdistan we organise services and conferences to teach new believers in walking with Christ. Everything in their own language and fitting in with the culture. A place where also new visitors can hear the Gospel.


It is a radical decision to become a Christian. 
Situations like visiting meetings in secret, being rejected by your family or having to flee are not unfamiliar to Kurdish believers. We support these persecuted Christians.

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